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This page is dedicated to finding your favorite artists all in one place...

Artist: Craig Mullins
Website: http://www.goodbrush.com
Artist: Dusso
Website: http://www.dusso.com/index.html
Artist: Marko Gdjurdjevic
Website: http://www.djurdjevic.de
Artist: J.P. Targete
Website: http://targeteart.com
Artist: Young-sang Kim
Website: http://www.orbiterdesigner.com/bronzeage
Artist: Rene Blom
Website: http://www.reneblom.com
Artist: Jon Foster
Website: http://www.jonfoster.com
Artist: John Wallin Liberto
Website: http://www.johnwallin.net
Artist: Martin Murphy
Website: http://www.artsforge.com/martin/murphy.html
Artist: Donato Giancola
Website: http://www.donatoart.com
Artist: Aaron St. Goddard
Website: http://www.wildpixels.com/brasshorse/index.html
Artist: Anry Nemo
Website: http://www.anry.ru/eng/index.htm
Artist: Justin Sweet
Website: http://justinsweet.com
Artist: Wesley Burt
Website: http://stormpages.com/wes9000/index.html
Artist: Philip Straub
Website: http://www.philipstraub.com
Artist: Brom
Website: http://www.bromart.com/index.html
Artist: Adi Granov
Website: http://www.sofos.com/adi
Artist: Linda Bergkvist
Website: http://www.furiae.com
Artist: Roberto Campus
Website: http://www.robertocampus.com
Artist: Steven Stahlberg
Website: http://optidigit.com/stevens
Artist: Jose Oli
Website: http://www.nibbledpencil.com
Artist: James Hawkins
Website: http://www.hawkprey.com

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Art Links Topsite

Earth's Best Artists

I have created a master list of artists I have come across throughout the years that I believe are the tops in each of their fields. They have enough inspiration to fill a great cathedral. To be alive in this day in age and partake in art history through new mediums and be allowed to view each others work with the help of a computer still baffles me. We are now able to show our talents across the globe for everyone to see without leaving our home. This is a new age of art that will bring the world closer then ever before. It will be exciting to watch the new breed of young artists change the way art is created, received, and looked at.

          The list of artists range from digital coloring, matte painters, oil painters, inkers, pencilers, sculptors, book illustrators, to even 3d animators. Please feel free to check out all the sites.

          Know of a talented artist that belongs in this gallery, email me and Ill add him or her to the list.