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About the Artist Digital Painting Pinups Concept Art 3d Graphics Sculpture Matte Painting Oil Painting

For rates and availability, please contact me through my personal email freelance@selart.com

Questions regarding professional collaboration, please contact me through the same address above.

Status: I received my Bachelors of Fine Art from Miami International University of Art and Design in 2003 for Computer Animation. My work history is 8 years freelancing, I have been head of graphic design in my last postion and currently an art director at a design studio in Northern CA.

          I am currently OPEN for Freelance / Contract work. If you feel you can use my skills for your project(s) please feel free to contact me with one of the links below.

I will send Demo Reel and Resume upon Request.

Higher Res images and Online Portfolio Album I normally show people in person are also available online upon request. Please let me know and Ill send you the links.

Got a project? Email freelance@selart.com