Sunday, September 12, 2004

Son of the Stars Animated Short Film - Answers!

So the questions are asked; What is Son of the Stars and when is it coming out? Do you have pictures of the actual movie you can show? Is there any extra information you can provide to tell me more about this project and what’s been going on? Well, here it goes. The answers to some of the questions, and to those interested in learning more about this movie, you can visit . I have put in about 1 1/2 years of my college life and right now another 9 months since graduation working to complete this film and finish before Siggraph March 2005 deadline. That would be the first festival in a slot of many that this film will be a part of. I have chosen not to publicly announce the short film because I don’t want to disappoint anyone, incase the deadline is not met. I have learned through the processes of creating such a robust film that time is the biggest factor.

From the beginning going into a project like this provided such an exciting and rewarding feeling of purpose to one’s own life and career. Having a young mind, you feel you can do anything in no time at all, it was that and the possibilities of life that really made the project difficult to keep moving forward to completion. Unexpected things happen that try to move you to another path, whether it was financial, school, work, relationships, or friendship. I went into this wanting to create a big impact early on, but unknown challenges slowly developed.

Unfortunately, early in the project the people I thought would help bring this picture to action had their own lives to worry about. It was myself and one other who decided to take on the grunt of the work and try to finish. The project took 1 ½ years of both our lives. We worked diligently on this production with so many obstacles facing us at the same time. During this process, it seemed like the finish line kept growing longer every time we made great strides. It was like a mirage in the dessert that you’re never able to completely catch.

Over the course of the last nine or so months I told myself that I would not stop until the film was finished. It was mine and my friend’s idea to really get noticed and have this film take us to the next level.

With this movie came a lot of support. A friend of the family helped us out and got together working actors in a small studio to do the voiceovers for the film. We have a fantastic composer for the film as well because of him. I must give a big thank you to all of you who sacrificed your own time for this; it is greatly appreciated and not forgotten. Son of the Stars will be finished as long as I am alive and kicking. There is still a ton of animation and rendering that needs to get done before I can say it’s complete. By the end of all this, I feel the effort put into it will be worth it. To those of you interested in learning more about the film, go to and read on. Enjoy the sneak peak film shots of the actual movie….

Thank you for your continued support,

Shaun E. Lupton

Friday, September 10, 2004

Welcome to the Selart Tell All Blogger

This section of the website will have everything related to projects I do. Pictures of how I feel,
and things that I feel would be something good to talk about, even if im the only one listening. So those of you who visit and see something you would like to comment on. Please feel free to do so!